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My First Brand Photo Shoot

Posted by Sarah Mair on

Those of you who know me well know that I'm never the one to suggest a photo of myself! If I do, its usually because I've had a few too many. My best friend on the other hand never lets an occasion slip by without a snap! (Yes you, Nikki!)

Last year, however, I promised myself that I would be more open and in more photos with my kids and I've started to get a bit more relaxed in front of the camera without needing a glass of something bubbly beforehand! I think with age, I've come to accept that how I look in a photo doesn't define me and it's more important to capture the memory. That being said, I wanted to capture some more moments with the kids in my studio as they love having a wee nosey whenever I've accidentally left it unlocked and they are usually hanging around while I'm trying to get bits done here and there! I'm sure they can smell if the lock has been left off the hook!

I knew exactly who I wanted as our photographer. Jill Garvie has practically documented our family's entire life from Heidi's newborn shoot, Rudi's newborn shoot, his first birthday cake smash and more recently an outdoor family shoot in our local country estate, Dalkeith Country Park. I can trust Jill's eye and she has great style so I knew the shoot would be in great hands.

To make sure that the shoot would go smoothly and I would get exactly what I needed, I took some advice from Pinterest and made a shot list, picked out a simple outfit and spruced myself up a bit. I don't often get the chance to sit at my dressing table with my two. Rudi is fascinated by mascara and Heidi (the magpie) always seems to hide my rings.

Unfortunately a few days before the shoot, Rudi got extremely poorly with the flu and so couldn't be in any photos. Of course, his big sister made up for it and stole the blooming show!

Jill was superb and even let me in on editing the shots. It was fascinating watching her work! She's really inspired me to try a bit harder with my photography and move away from my iPhone.

So here are the photos! I'm so pleased with them, and I really hope that they give an insight into working at home as a mum.

All photography by Jill Garvie




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