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Hello February, Hello New Studio!

Posted by Sarah Mair on

Thank goodness January is over! I'm not usually one for always having a blue January as I love the fresh start but by my goodness 2019 has not been kind to our house. Thankfully all the bad germs and low moods have now been shooed out the windows and 2019 can finally be enjoyed.

While the house has been in quarantine, I've been busy planning for the year ahead, designing a gorgeous Valentine's range, sprucing up the studio and having a professional brand photo shoot to celebrate!

I'm wondering if you work from home like me? You have a dedicated space or room to work in but the rest of the house seems to just creep in and before you know it, you've got broken toys, charity bags and extra furniture hogging your creative space. Well, I had had enough. I went all KonMari in all the drawers and cupboards and then zoomed off to B&Q to pick the perfect happy colour for my walls. The hubby was roped into helping me paint and finally, I have my sanctuary complete with a lock on the door to keep the kids out! And so far it has worked! Nothing has crept back into my space and I've been so much more focussed and creative when working.

So would you like to see it? My before and after transformation?





This actually didn't cost much money at all. I already had all of the furniture and artwork, it just was hidden under all of the clutter. What has truly made a difference is painting it in my happiest colour. I feel like the room glows for me now.


So what do you think? What is your happiest colour? Have you transformed a space recently? I'd love to see!

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